When you are truly present

you are your best self

Life is moving so fast that we just want to make it stop.

We represent every person who is on the search for stillness. 

I am a hustling millenial, mother of two, serial entrepreneur, and fitness junkie trying to keep up with the phygital world -and barely succeeding at it-. 

I used to go back and forth between wearing my smartwatch and a family heirloom, always aware of time in an endless pursuit of ‘next places’ to get to. 

One day, I bought a basketball rubber watch for my seven year old son. I wanted to teach him how to read time. Shortly after, the time machine piece fell off and he was left with a hollow basketball bracelet with a significant absence at its core. 

I stared at it. Tic toc suddenly became tic not. It represented liberation from hurry, pressure, and stress. I borrowed it from him and wore it for a week. I became increasingly mindful of the present moment. I was just being. Every time I looked at my left wrist in an automatic search for the hour of day, I found nothing but a deep reminder of presence and a true connection with myself.

On a mission to share this powerful grounding tool with the rest of the world, I set out to look for talented designers, dedicated artisans, and sustainable materials in order to create a piece so powerful that whenever you look at it you could be reminded of the beauty of the moment in front of you.

When we free ourselves from past and future, we free ourselves from thought. And it is exactly then where the magic happens. Mindfulness is the key to stillness. 

We can’t stop time… but we can surely make it count.


Be present.

Tic not

Grounding tools for everyday life.