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About our products

What is the purpose of our piece?

It serves as a reminder of presence. The intention is to interrupt the unconscious action of looking for the time of day and remind you instead of where you are at that precise moment.

What is the piece made of?

The center piece is made out of stainless steel, finished with different processes. The face has a 40 mm diameter; the strap is 22 mm wide and 265 mm long.The strap is made out of recycled nylon fibers and it is easily adjustable on both ends with velcro. Since we only have one strap size we designed a system that could easily fit a wide range of wrist sizes (watch video).

Why is every piece unique?

Each piece is engraved with a serial number at the back. No one else will have the exact same piece that you own. You can register your serial number on our website to receive exclusive content and preferred customer service.

Is it waterproof?

Absolutely. This product is designed to go with you wherever you go, from water diving to skydiving. Be present.

Can I choose the serial number on my piece?

No. We produce limited piece collections to ensure the authenticity of our products. Therefore, upon order you will randomly receive the serial number available in the production series.

What is the packaging box made of?

Our box is carefully crafted with layers of acoustic panel PET materials. It has been designed with the intention to be reused by its owner and kept forever. There is nothing more sustainable than beautiful objects.

How do I register my serial number?

Click on the Register My Serial Number button located in the website footer. Register you information, then login to your account (login button located on the top right of the Home page, next to the Cart). You will now have access to Tools Exclusive content. If you have any questions please contact us at

Shipping & Returns

Can I return it?

Add additional information about shipping policy.

 Do you have international shipping?

Yes. Our company is based in Mexico however we have a clear goal to spread our mission throughout the world. Please click here to see the countries that we can ship our product to as well as shipping fees and time frames for each territory.

How long will the shipping process take?

Our standard shipping time within Mexico is usually between 3 - 5 days once the order has been proceesed (which usually takes between 1 - 2 business days). We receive orders 24/7, however we only ship from Monday to Friday. As soon as your order is placed you will receive a confirmation order, you will get a second email with tracking information as soon as it is shipped, and a third one once it arrives to your destination.

For international shipping, we fully depend on third party carriers but it usually takes between 12-15 days for your order to arrive once it has been processed. Please be advised that we depend not only on carriers but on each territory’s customs processing policies.


I need more help or I have a question that is not answered int he FAQs section.

Please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.